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Benvenuto! Italienische Fitness-Queen Fe gibt täglich morgendliche Yogastunden

Ein großartiger Neuzugang bei shift down yoga! Als ausgebildete Tänzerin und Fitness-Trainerin seit vielen Jahren in der Körperarbeit tätig, heizt Federica (Fe) ab dem 6. Mai Yoga-Übenden kräftig ein – und/oder kühlt sie behutsam ab. Fe sagt über sich selbst:

My name is Federica, I’m 34 years old and I come from Italy. It was always much easier for me to run 10 Km than to be perfectly still in asana or meditative practice. But I felt stuck, I had to move away from my natural speed, it was too fast. With patience and perseverance I found that I could still my body through yoga. I was also able to create space within myself through meditation and pranayama. ️My yoga journey started in Australia 2010, and in 2016 I deepened my practice with my first teacher training in Hatha yoga in India. I have been teaching since 2016, and I maintain a daily personal practice. Yoga is my lifestyle and it plays a major part of my daily life. I believe there is so much to learn, I consider myself to be a lifelong student. I want to continue growing holistically, to apply what I’ve learned in my own life and pass it on to anyone I’m lucky enough to teach. I’m really excited to be able to help others to become happier, healthier and more aware of themselves.

So many people ask me:”what is yoga?”

To understand it I had to start practicing every day, even for a short time each day. It is an experience that can’t be understood intellectually, but through practice and experience by freeing the mind from any external conditioning and be here now. Yoga was my greatest discovery, the real change, the most beautiful journey, where for the first time there is no destination. I feel like on a free fall towards my spirit. Yoga positively influenced my life. It offered profound healing in the relationship with my self and anything around me. I love hiking, I love running, dancing, having fun, laughing, traveling, dreaming, playing, knitting, singing, listening to music, exploring, farming, cooking, learning, writing, taking pictures, but most of all, I love yoga.

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